Night of the Supermoon Dairy Farm – 550 Cows, 2014
Censored LandscapesTHE BOOK       
Censored Landscapes, the upcoming book by artist and author Isabella La Rocca González, unveils the hidden reality of farming animals, offering a powerful and emotionally charged exploration. La Rocca González’s lens captures the haunting beauty of landscapes that portray the animal agricultural industry. A number included with each image represents the lives imprisoned within the facility, drawing attention to the magnitude of suffering behind the banal exteriors. Portraits of nonhuman animals who have been confined in such facilities are emblematic of the vast number of animals whose individuality, sentience, and beauty are obliterated by the industry.  Creative nonfiction and research by La Rocca González tell a factual story about the most abusive industry of the twenty-first century. The book also includes contributions from poets, scholars, and activists. 
Censored Landscapes maintains a lyrical quality through evocative photographs, personal narrative, and poetry. The project also provides a robust basis in verifiable facts and scientific research. Readers are encouraged to confront the intricate web of connections between animal agriculture, animal suffering, environmental devastation, worker exploitation, human health, economic political structures, colonialism, and social justice issues. Censored Landscapes is a catalyst for change, a revelation of the invisible, and an opportunity to see, feel, and make a difference. 
Publication 2024 by Lantern Publishing and Media
8" x 10" Hardcover
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